Cat recovering after being shot with an arrow in Lancaster County

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A cat is recovering  after being shot with a hunting arrow in Lancaster County.  People  with the Lancaster County SPCA don’t know who shot the cat.  Affectionately named Arrow, the Lancaster County SPCA  says someone found the cat wandering the Lititz area with the arrow still stuck in him. They then brought him to the Bridgeport Animal Hospital.

Dr. John Hall believes Arrow was walking around for at least a day with the arrow stuck in his body. However, the arrow didn’t hit any vital organs, allowing him to live.

“ It’s sad that there’s people out there that want to hurt an animal,”  says Hall

Dr. Hall says Arrow is doing well despite the circumstances.

Arrow is expected to be released from the hospital tomorrow and brought to the Forever Homes Adoption Center.

The Lancaster County SPCA says the person who did this could face a fine of up to $500 dollars. There is also now a reward of $500 for information leading to the person who shot Arrow.