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Quentin Fire Company Honors Fallen Brother

Quentin Fire Company

 Written by: Katie Kyros

The Quentin Fire Company in Lebanon County held a memorial for a fallen brother Saturday. Volunteer Firefighter Bruce Sensenig was on his way to an emergency call when he was killed in a car crash on July 22.

The Lebanon VFW knew they wanted to honor the 20-year-old firefighter for answering the call of duty that night. They dedicated a memorial engraved with the Fireman’s Prayer.

“Hopefully this prayer protects these people who are firefighters, because they do one heck of a job,” says Ron Klepper, Commander of the Lebanon VFW Post 23.

Sensenig was recently married, and known for his sense of humor.

“He was so boisterous, he was full of life,” says vice president Alyssa Singer.

The fire company has kept Sensenig’s locker untouched, and plan to leave it that way indefinitely.

“I believe that every time we answer an incident without Bruce, that he’s there with us,” says Fire Chief Stan Singer.


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