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Funds being collected for pregnant woman who died in car crash

19-year old Angelina Noggle was 9-months pregnant when a car collided with hers in Lebanon on Sunday. She died, but doctors delivered her unborn child and saved his life. His name is Octavio. Noggle’s cousin, Tiffany Smith, says Octavio’s health is still fragile.  “I really hope that he survives through all this. I’m sure he will. If he’s as strong as his mom he will get through all of this” said Smith.

The family is selling T-shirts and setting up a bake sale to raise money for Angelina’s funeral costs.

Michelle Anderson and her daughter Katelyn, who is pregnant, have also been collecting donations at the convenience store they own in Lebanon. Michelle said “Katelyn’s due one day after Angelina was due and it kind of hit home and got us talking about what we would do. And try and bring the community together and have them donate for this little boy.”

The bake sale will be held on Saturday from 12 to 3PM at Lebanon High School.


1 Comment to “Funds being collected for pregnant woman who died in car crash”

    Kerri said:
    December 18, 2013 at 10:00 PM

    Wish my car was running, I would help…and I'm a "mean" baker too! Way too young to pass-away and that poor baby will never physically know his mother. My condolences to all her family and friends…so sad

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