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UPDATE: Jogger hit by two different vehicles


York County Coroners office says the pedestrian that was struck by a vehicle in Red Lion Tuesday has died.

According to police, Corey Haley, 24, of Red Lion, was jogging across the southbound lane of Winterstown Road when he was struck by a car driven by Briar Sullivan,21, also of Red Lion

Police said Haley was struck by the driver side front and windshield of the car.The impact threw Haley into the northbound lane of Winterstown Road and into the path of a 2006 Ford pickup driven by John Warner, 65, of Winterstown.

Harley was run over by the pickup.

He was rushed to York Hospital where he died in the operating room at 8:54p.m. said Deputy Coroner Stabley.

The cause of death was multiple blunt force trauma.

Police say Haley was wearing a reflective band across his body and headphones at the time.

Neither driver in the vehicles were injured.

York Area Regional Police say their investigation continues and anyone with any information is asked to call Police officer, James Hess Jr. at 717-741-1259.


1 Comment to “UPDATE: Jogger hit by two different vehicles”

    jim bob said:
    December 25, 2013 at 12:21 PM

    Simply horrible tragedy. No one wins here. I enjoy cycling. I have a reflective vest, reflective rear strobe light mounted under the seat, a higher output light for the front, and a mirror on my left lever. Over my 20 years of cycling; I have had my share of episodes, closer than wanted misses, and learning experiences while commuting to work in day/dark, errand runs, or lengthy rides, 3-4 plus hour night lit rides, 13-14 hour day rides, etc. As for night time, my experiences have clearly shown that motorists give me more right away, etc. (at night with lights and reflective vest I stick out like a flashing beacon for lengthy distances). For a period of time, I was consistently doing the New Freedom to south end of rail trail and back, (numerous road crossings). I decided to try my mp3 player with earbuds for the 2.5 hour trip. It made the trip more enjoyable, but it wasn’t long before I realized that it clearly took away my sense of hearing vehicles as I approached crossings. I was left to only relying on my sightlines to engage and react to any road traveling cross traffic. It was unnerving with the limited reaction time to “feel” safe.
    I had gone from knowing where traffic was LONG before my sightlines ever were there… to last seconds of view, glance, hope I looked properly, and cross the road. Not to mention the distracted thoughts as you zoned out a little to the music. I REMOVED THEM as I was heading through Monkton station. I realized more sympathy for the deaf and what they go through daily. I still wore them but continued to pull them out as I approached crossings. I still wear them rarely, but it is almost exclusively when xc mtn biking. (I have NEVER had a tree approach me sideways from a high speed). On the road, the vehicle will always win and I will always lose…big time. To me, the earbuds/headphones create too much risk when on the roads. I should never expect a motorists traveling at or above speed limits just “seeing me” as my best hope. I think I would have been dead a long time by now. I believe in personal choice, personal freedoms to do whatever I want, but listening to something that limits my sense of directional hearing and focus while in the potential pathway of vehicles is a choice I don’t plan to make. My prayers and sympathies go out to all who have been touched by this tragedy, but may all who read this story, who use or know someone with earbuds/headphones think about the reality of how important all your senses are when sharing any roadway with a vehicle that will always win in an unforseen and tragic event.

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