Woman discovers nasty surprise inside of burrito

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(Fox4) MIDLAND, Texas – One woman is warning others after she noticed a spec of something odd inside her gas station burrito.

Cynthia Corrigan stopped by a Stripes convenience store in Midland, Texas where she purchased a $0.89 fried burrito. She said she was using a taco sauce packet as she ate the burrito, and had taken a few bites, when she looked down and saw a blue speck inside of it. As it turned out, the little blue speck was actually the full length finger of a rubber latex glove.

Corrigan reported the incident to the convenience store, who told her the burrito had come from a third party vendor, and had her contact the corporate offices who refunded her for the burrito. Although they believe this was an isolated incident, the store has since pulled the product off their shelves and notified the vendor.

Corrigan says she is glad the incident happened to her and not to someone with a latex allergy, or to a child who could possibly have choked on the piece of glove. She said she is not looking for freebies, but instead just wants someone to take responsibility for what happened. So far she said she is happy with how the situation is being handled.

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