Local News

Cold weather and price of propane fuel firewood shortage

The storms we’ve  seen in the past few weeks have brought trees down across the area. But the irony, is that there’s a shortage of firewood in Pennsylvania .  Gebhard and Son Tree Care in Lancaster County has been out of firewood since the beginning of January. While Warihay Enterprises in Rapho Township  has some wood left but has gone through more than they have in two years. Both businesses say it`s a combination of the high price of propane, bitter cold temperatures, and the snow that`s causing the shortage.

“ It`s been brutally cold and it`s a cheap source of heat. Propane prices have gone through the roof and fire wood seems not to have. We haven`t raised our price any,” says David Warihay, Warihay Enterprises

Warihay Enterprises has a small amount of fire wood left  but, they expect it to be gone by the Spring.


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