Local News

SUV hits York Apartment building

An SUV crashed into a York home Monday morning and caused extensive damage. “His foot slipped off the brake and hit the accelerator,” said York City Assistant Fire Chief Patrick Rose. “He hit a second parked car which happened to be his second vehicle, and then he hit a home on the 300 block of East Philadelphia Street.”

After the incident city officials put barricades and yellow tape in front of the home and a condemned sign in the window. “There is extensive damage to the front of the building, the first floor. We called out the building code official for the City of York who also determined that the building would have to be condemned until they get a structural engineer in,” said Rose. “There is pretty sizable damage to the structure. We have at a least two, two-and-a-half-foot of intrusion on the inside of the wall. At this time it does look like it is in danger of collapsing.”

The owner, Jay Zech said he is happy no one was hurt. He is working with his tenants from the two apartments to find a place to stay until the home is determined to be structurally safe. “You get up, and you go to work, and then you get a phone call that says you can’t come home, you can’t sleep at home tonight. It’s kind of freaky. But we’ll work it out for them,” said Zech.


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