College Senior Faces Kidnapping Charges

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(Courtesy: WNEP-TV) — A Bloomsburg University senior is facing charges of kidnapping a boy in Northumberland Borough.

According to court papers, Katie Partridge grabbed a child off his bike last week and ran off with him, in front of a large crowd.

Queen Street in Northumberland is quiet now, but just one week earlier, police say a woman kidnapped a small child on this block.

Katie Partridge, 22, is a senior at Bloomsburg University. She faces a long list of charges, including kidnapping and aggravated assault.

“You could tell by her physical appearance that she looked really distraught and upset,” Dwayne Pepper said.

Dwayne Pepper is a senior at Shikellamy High School. He and his friends saw Partridge outside his house. Pepper says Katie Partridge was watching a small boy on a bicycle.

“She started shuffling from side to side while he was riding his bike, so at that point, I thought she knows these people. But as he was riding away, she kept moving forward and then snatched him off his bicycle,” Pepper said.

According to court papers, the boy’s mother chased after Partridge and grabbed the child back. During the arrest, Partridge allegedly assaulted a police officer.

According to court papers, Partridge also spit in a nurse’s face and caused another nurse to get stuck with a needle that had already been in Partridge’s skin.

It is not clear why Partridge was in Northumberland, since she is a student at Bloomsburg University and is from the Lehigh Valley. Some people who live in Norry say the incident scared them.

“It keeps me looking when I see children around, making sure they’re alright,” David Hile said.

David Hile says he recently moved back to Northumberland after living in a big city. He says he wanted to live somewhere with less crime.

“I just wanted to come home with my children and grandchildren to nice, peaceful Pennsylvania, and it just seems like parts of the bad elements are everywhere,” Hile said.

Investigators say Katie Partridge was arraigned Monday at a hospital, and once she is released, she will be taken to the Northumberland County Prison.