“Real-life Ken” not into “real-life Barbie”

barbie and ken

(FOX 8 – Cleveland) They might be made for each other in toy land, but not in real life.

The man who refers to himself as the “human Ken” was recently asked about meeting the woman known as “human Barbie.

While he said she’s “cute,” he also compared her to a drag queen, according to GQ.

Justin Jedlica (Ken), who GQ says has had 140 procedures to change his looks, met Valeria Lukyanova (Barbie) at a photo shoot.

He said he didn’t “really get her” and said he doesn’t understand “why people think she’s so interesting.”

“She has extensions. She wears stage makeup. She’s an illusionist,” he told GQ.

The magazine also published an extensive interview with Lukyanova this month.

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