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SAT Exam gets a major makeover


By, Heather Warner

So how many of us have dreaded that SAT test in the past, or maybe dreaded helping our teens get ready for it?  Well, there’s some good news, the test is getting a make-over.

The college board just announced some of the changes that will be put into place in two years on that college admission exam, and for many, those changes will lead to a sigh of relief.

For starters, there will be fewer questions on the new test. The vocabulary section will focus on relevant words instead of requiring students to memorize words they may never use in real life.  Also, the written essay will be optional and will be scored separately from reading, writing, and math.

The idea behind the changes to the 88 year old exam is to make it clearer and open than any other in history.


1 Comment to “SAT Exam gets a major makeover”

    Sidney said:
    April 17, 2014 at 6:35 AM

    Need to dumb down the college entrance exams to match the common core standards that the public schools are teaching.

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