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Police seek to ID credit card thieves

Police in Lancaster County seek help to identify suspects who used stolen credit cards to buy over $1,000.00 worth of merchandise.  Two women reported to East Lampeter Township Police that credit cards and cash were taken from their purses while they were dining at the Olive Garden restaurant in Rockvale Square at around 3 o’clock Tuesday afternoon.  The victims had their purses hanging from the back of their chairs.

Investigators say that two men and a woman had requested to sit at the table behind the victims. They only ordered water and left shortly after sitting down. The victims discovered the thefts before leaving the restaurant.

Shortly afterwards, the stolen cards were used at the nearby Target store by two men and a woman matching the descriptions of the suspects at the restaurant.

Police released surveillance photos of two of the suspects, a black man and a black woman leaving Target. They also release a photo a silver minivan their were driving. Anyone with information on the case is asked to contact East Lampeter Township Police at (717) 291-4676.

Suspect vehicle



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