Husband stabs wife multiple times in front of their infant children

A Lancaster County woman is dead after police said her husband stabbed her multiple times on Friday morning around 9 o’clock. They arrested her husband,  Carrington Joseph, 27, on the scene and have charged him with criminal homicide. Eyewitness Carmen Polite said “it was horrific.”

It happened in the 500 block of Sterling Place in Lancaster Township. Polite was in her apartment nearby when she heard the victim’s sister screaming. “I ran to the balcony and asked if she wanted me to call the cops for her and she said yes he’s in there stabbing her, he’s going to kill her” said Polite.

Polite called police, but by the time they got there the damage was done. It was more than just the victim and her husband at the scene. “They did find two infants. I’m not positive, but they appear to be about five months old” said Lieutenant Robert Baldwin of the Manheim Township Police Department.

Polite also saw the kids, who police said are twins. “They had little nighties on with blood all over their faces, all over their clothes, the car seats that they were sitting in” said Polite. Lieutenant Baldwin said “fortunately they’re so young that they obviously will have no knowledge of this event.”

Just because they won’t remember, doesn’t mean their lives aren’t changed. Joseph was taken to the Lancaster County Prison and denied bail. The two children are being cared for by family members. Police have not released the name of Joseph’s wife.


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