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Firefighters and police hit the ice rink for a good cause


Things were heating up on the ice rink Saturday afternoon as Dauphin County police officers went head-to-head with firefighters for the 9th Annual Battle of the Badges Hockey Game.

“Oh, it’s fantastic,” said Sean Harp, the Dauphin County Assistant Fire Chief.  “I’m sure you could tell from the game, we’re just having fun.”

Organizers say it’s much more than just a good time.  All the proceeds from the game and after party will go to cancer research organizations; a cause they say hits close to home.

“Everybody on both teams, either we have players that are cancer survivors,  have family members that are cancer survivors, have cancer, coworkers, so I mean it affects everybody, not just in general, but our teams as well,” said organizer Mac McClurg with the Dauphin County Police Department.

This year, the firefighters took home the victory, 13-4, but both teams agree; at the end of the day it’s a win for everyone.

“Anytime we can do anything to give back to the community, it really makes us feel good,” Harp added.


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