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Convenient: Police arrange fake drug deal in courthouse parking lot


Three Lebanon County residents are charged with attempting to purchase heroin from an undercover police officer on March 13, 2014.
Officers from the Lebanon County Drug Task Force (LCDTF) say Kristina M. Miller, 26, of Jonestown, called a cell phone to purchase heroin. Unbeknownst to Miller, the phone had been seized by police the previous day from a suspected drug dealer.

K Miller
Detectives say Miller arranged to purchase eight bags of heroin from the undercover police officer who answered the phone, pretending to be a drug dealer. During the conversation the officer said he was taking care of charges at Central Court and agreed to meet Miller in back of the courthouse to do the deal.

Dustin Miller

Dustin Miller

Miller, along with Dustin Lee Etzweiler, 25, of Lebanon, and Dustin L. Miller, 28, of Jonestown, went to the courthouse parking lot to make the transaction. That is where they were taken into custody.
Police say Miller had the cash for the deal as well as the cell phone used to arrange the transaction.



Police say Etzweiler was found to be in possession of two smoking devices, one suspected of use for marijuana, and a second used for smoking bath salts.
Kristina M. Miller, her brother in law, Dustin L. Miller, and Etzweiler were charged with Criminal Attempt to Possess Heroin, and Criminal Conspiracy to Possess Heroin. Etzweiler was also charged with Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.
Etzweiler was taken into custody on an outstanding warrant and walked the few feet to the Lebanon County Central Booking Center. The Miller’s were released and charged via summons.
Preliminary Hearing dates have not been set


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