“Keep Harrisburg Clean” Campaign to give trashcans to residents

Harrisburg City Council Members are talking trash– cleaning it up that is.

City Council Vice President Sandra Reid alongside several other business and community leaders shared information on the new “Keep Harrisburg Clean” campaign Friday morning at the MLK Government Center.

Last week, Reid unveiled Operation C.O.P.E. (Cleanup, Observe, Provide, and Enforce) which will enforce trash ordinances in the city.

As part of the campaign, Reid says the city will be providing trash cans for various residents who sign a pledge of understanding to the laws of the city.

“We rolled out a program that says we are going to start enforcement of sanitation violations and we have to think of those people who can’t afford a trashcan. What do we do for those residents who can’t afford one? But we wanted to make sure we got that piece out to let people know about enforcement, but we also want to give them keys to be successful,” Reid said.

By the end of July, Reid says the city will hire a sanitation codes enforcement officer.


  • Joe

    The real problem is not trash thrown on the street by commuters and thrown out of autos. The problem is trash in yards and alleys. TVs, furniture and tires abound. I doubt handing out free trashcans will solve that problem. Drive through Allison Hill and you'll see what I mean. Some alleys have so much junk and trash that they are impassable.

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