Local News

Carlisle man accused of assaulting woman, shoving police officer


A Carlisle man is accused of shoving a woman multiple times and then body slamming her to the ground in violation of a Protection from Abuse order. Robert Leach (AKA Robert Brooker), is accused of attacking the 26 year-old victim around 12:46am Saturday on the 1st block of North East Street.

The victim was taken to the hospital and was in good condition. Leach was found on scene, but when police attempted to take him into custody, he fought with police, shoving an officer, and took off running. Police and a K9 unit searched the area but were not able to find Leach. Leach also may be attempting to head back to Harrisburg, PA or Philadelphia, PA. Police ask anyone with information to contact them at 717-243-5252. A warrant for the arrest of Leach has been issued for the PFA violation and Resisting Arrest. Leach is also on Parole.


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