Gregory Hess will stand trial in third murder for hire plot in York

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The prosecutor, Dave Sunday, said it started with one deadly plan. Gregory Hess allegedly tried to hire someone to kill his wife’s lover. However in the last few months the cast of characters in this bizarre story grew. Hess now faces charges in 3 separate, but connected, murder for hire plots. “The court obviously bound all those cases over for trial today and that we are very excited about” said Sunday.

During a hearing Friday morning Edward Luttrell testified he acted as a middle man between Hess and Deonsae Bryant. Hess allegedly wanted Bryant to kill not only his wife’s lover, but everyone else Hess tried to hire in the previous murder for hire plots. However Hess’ attorney, Suzanne Smith, questioned Luttrell’s motives for testifying. “Those people that are testifying against him are people from the jail that used Mr. Hess to get out of jail” said Smith. Sunday said that argument is getting old. “In every case I’ve ever had where someone testifies that has charges, every single defense attorney says that’s what they’re doing” said Sunday.

This story began back in April when Hess allegedly hired the first hit man. That man turned out to be an informant for police. While Hess was in the York County Prison he met Mike Jones Crampton who allegedly agreed to kill the first informant, but then Crampton went to the cops too! “It’s a unique case. it’s a strange case. It is what it is” said Smith. Hess’ son Toby is accused of trying to help his dad in two of the three cases. The prosecutor said said Toby paid Bryant’s girlfriend $500 on his dad’s behalf. “He’s depressed. His son has been charged. He’s in jail. He’s getting a divorce, he’s selling his property” said Smith.

If Hess is convicted on all counts he could face between forty and eighty years in prison. A trial date has yet to be scheduled. Toby Hess and Doensae Bryant have waived their preliminary hearings meaning, unless they strike a deal, both will go to trial.