Reservoir Park mansion renamed in honor of Eugenia Smith

The Harrisburg community is honoring late city councilwoman Eugenia Smith with the renaming of the mansion in Reservoir Park.

It’s now called the “Eugenia Smith Family Life Center” after Smith– who died from a sudden massive heart attack in April. The building will house the Parks & Permit and Event Permit offices as well as a kiosk where people can pay their water bills, parking tickets or school taxes.

The mansion is set to serve the community in honor of Smith who was known for her service.

“Eugenia Smith was a champion, and a hero, and a soldier, and a warrior for public safety and for education. On this pinnacle of the hill overlooking 5 counties, it will be a wonderful place to memorialize her and at the same time galvanize her for our movement towards lifting families up in Harrisburg,” Harrisburg City Arts, Culture, and Tourism Director Lenwood Sloan said.

The building also holds a genealogy center where locals can learn about their family history in the area.

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