Student says he was arrested for killing dinosaur in class assignment

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A South Carolina High School student says he was suspended and arrested after he turned in a school writing assignment.

Freshman Alex Stone says students were told to write a few sentences about themselves and a “status,” as if it were a Facebook page.

He says in his “status” he wrote a fictional story that involved the words “gun” and “take care of business.”

“I killed my neighbor’s pet dinosaur, and, then, in the next status I said I bought the gun to take care of the business.” Said Stone.

Stone says his statements were taken completely out of context.

Investigators say the teacher contacted school officials who notified police.

His bookbag and locker were searched  and a gun was not found.

“What happened to freedom of speech?” Stone’s mother says she is furious that the school did not contact her before her son was arrested. She says her son followed directions and completed an assignment.

“If the school would have called me and told me about the paper and asked me to come down and discussed everything and, at least, get his point-of-view on the way he meant it. I never heard from the school, never. They never called me.”

Stone and his mother say they understand the sensitive nature of what he wrote, but they say it was a rash reaction to an innocent situation.

Police say during their interaction with Stone, he was disruptive.

Stone was arrested and charged with disturbing schools.

Stone’s mother says he’s scheduled to return to school Monday.

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  • mommabear

    Everything is out of control in this country! This is absurd! If the boy had directed threats at a person or group of people, not a DINOSAUR, then that would have called for an investigation. This is just complete INCOMPETENCE and idiocy! Honestly they should file a lawsuit for unneeded emotional distress! Then again, the corrupt judicial system would probably side with the corrupt education system, because the whole system of this country has become polluted with lies and deception! I say fight the good fight anyway!

  • Hdflame

    This is un-flipping believable! Do schools no longer use any common sense whatsoever? It’s like they’re trying to stifle all original thinking! Let’s just do away with all fictional books and movies because somebody might think it’s real! I still can’t believe this happened in South Carolina. This sounds more like something that would happen in California.

  • john

    More stupid-adult tricks from the union liberals who continually demonstrate their mendaciousness in ‘educating’ our children.

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