Red Lion man fights for his life after brutal attack

A man is fighting for his life after someone beat him with a skateboard. Guy Verdinelli was walking home with his fiance, Christina, and roommate when three men approached them and attacked Guy. It all happened Friday night behind the Wells Fargo on Main Street in Red Lion, York County.

Christina say he’s a happy man and father of two, soon to be three. Sorting through pictures on her phone – there were much better times. But now Guy lies in his hospital bed, in a coma. His brain continues to swell. Doctors say he’s taken a turn for the worse.

“All he was trying to do was protect me and the baby – that’s all he cared about,” says Christina Thompson.

Christina, Guy, and their roommate were walking home from the American Legion in Red Lion on Friday night. They decided to take the back way, which they never do. They turned down an alley behind the Wells Fargo and that’s when the three men approached them and tried to start a fight. Christina says they knew one of the attackers, Devin Flaharty. But when they made it known that they knew who he was, he started to attack Guy. One hit with a skateboard was enough..

“He never saw the hit coming and when he hit the ground the other assailant that was with them punched him on the five times when he was on the ground.. Blood started running down – the parking lot there was so much blood,” says Christina.

Police charged Devin Flaharty with aggravated assault, but they haven’t caught the other two men. Sgt. Jeff Dunbar from York Regional Police says Flaharty is not being cooperative.

People in Red Lion are stunned this happened.

“You’ll probably find it hard for anyone in the area to say something bad about him, he’s a well liked guy for sure,” says Thomas Anderton, one of Guy’s friends.

For now, Christina is waiting, still unsure of what the outcome will be. She’s hoping the two on the loose don’t strike again.

“It’s about doing the right thing and the right thing is to see that justice is served for what’s been done to him,” says Christina.

Christina is 6 months pregnant and can’t work. She says Guy does not have insurance. A fund has been set up to help the family. If you’d like to donate you can go here: