Pitt and Penn State work as one team for a good cause

PITTSBURGH, Pa.-- The University of Pittsburgh and Penn State are renewing their rivalry this weekend, but on Thursday they put aside their differences to work as one team.

It was part of the "Show Your Colors Blood Drive" held on the campus of Pitt.

"It's nice to see something good come out of this rivalry," Pitt fan Ben Wolford said. "Blood donation is somethings that's very important."

"I think it's good to have both schools come together for a good cause," Penn State fan Tammy Nolan said.

According to Central Blood Bank Marketing Lead Kristen Lane, each donation can save up to three lives.

"We always need to be ahead of the game, and by constantly having blood drives like this will keep us there," she said.

Lane said several walk-ins gave blood in addition to the 80 people who registered. She gives credit to to Saturday's big game for the large turnout of people.

"The game itself is such big news cause the Pitt-Penn State rivalry has been on hold," Lane said. "This has really given us a method for getting the important message out there."

She said the shot in the arm comes at a good time, when the blood banks are in short supply.

"When schools are out, like Pitt for example, the student population isn't there to participate in these blood drives, which we do a lot of at colleges and high schools," Lane said.

So Saturday, they may bleed blue and gold or blue and white, but for Thursday they came together as one.

"It does feel nice to know that you're making a difference," Pitt fan Dwarkesh said.

The results of the blood drive will be announced at the game on Saturday, according to Lane.