Mass casualty incident simulation held in York County

HANOVER, YORK COUNTY - A group of people participated in a mass casualty incident simulation in York County on Saturday with the help of a reality show contestant from the show "Naked and Afraid."

Ryan Holt appeared on the Discovery Channel show and headlined the 10th Annual Pennsylvania Wilderness Medicine and Survival Skills Conference in Hanover. It was a simulation to experience potential real-world incidents and scenarios.  They camped in tents and enjoyed fellowship in the outdoors as part of the simulation.

The theme of the event was 'Scuba, Altitude and Summer Survival.' Holt says getting kids involved is important too.

"I think we need to get more kids involved in stuff like this," Holt says. "Too many kids nowadays are just sitting inside looking at their little glowing screens, the real teaching and learning is going to come from the natural world. To get the kids out here at such a young age and inspire them to pursue may be a more outdoor lifestyle and be more active and healthy, I think it's essential."

The Wilderness Medicine and Survival Skills Conference is one of the longest running on the East Coast.