Be Well: Don’t let fear or embarrassment discourage you from joining a gym

YORK, Pa.-- One of the biggest drawbacks of joining a gym are the mental aspects of working out.

Many people are self-conscious and are too afraid or embarrassed to work out at a gym with other people around them.

However, if you practice at home beforehand, you can boost your confidence before hitting the gym.

Mindy Quesenberry from MyFitnessQuest is stopping by the set of FOX43 Morning News to offer some tips to beginners.

Mindy also recommends this work out for beginners:

Warm-up prior to the following by taking a short 3-5 minute walk, marching in place, or even turning some tunes on to get your dance on.

  1. Plank

Option 1: Floor on knees

Option 2: sofa or chair

Option 3: floor on toes

Hold for 15 seconds and build your time from there


  1. Alternating limb extension

Option 1: seated in a chair

Option 2: seated on a stability

Option 3: on all fours

8-10 each side


  1. Side lying leg raises

8-10 each side


  1. Squats

Option 1: use a chair & counter if you need assistance coming to a standing position

Option 2: Body weight squat

Start with 10 and work your way up to 25


  1. Push-ups

Option 1: Use a wall

Option 2: Use your kitchen counter

Option 3: On the floor on your knees

Option 4: On the floor on your toes

Start with 5-10 and increase when ready


Complete 1 through 5 one time and hen you feel ready you can repeat for a total of 3-4 rounds


When finished cool-down with a light walk & stretch