Children “Shop With A Sheriff” in Cumberland County

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CARLISLE, Pa. - The Cumberland County Sheriff's Department made the holidays brighter for several local families Wednesday, hosting "Shop With A Sheriff" for the first time.

For some of the children in the aisles at Target, Santa’s little helpers had badges, there to make the holidays a bit brighter for their families.

"All the kids were excited, a lot of the families I know were very excited because they didn't know how they were going to be able to support them," Dep. Jamie DiMartile of the Cumberland County Sheriff's Department said. "There's some with four, five kids, how are they going to get every kid something that they want for Christmas?"

The sheriff's department chose 17 Cumberland County families who have been impacted by a crime this year. Their stories are all different, but the help is equally appreciated.

"They had to get something for themselves, they had to get something that they needed, and then they had to get something for somebody else, which was nice because then they're sharing with other people," Danielle Garrahan, a grandmother of one of the shoppers, said. "And then of course he liked the fact that he got to spend money and pick out what he wanted, so I think he had a great time.

The sheriff's raised funds with the help of local businesses to give each child $150 to spend.

"We were really apprehensive, we didn't know how we were going to put it together but we did and all the deputies are excited," DiMartile said. "I know one deputy who was jumping up and down this morning saying, 'Yay, we get to go shopping today.' It's been a lot of fun.'

It was an experience the deputies and these families will never forget.

"It was awesome," Garrahan said. "They're wonderful people. Just to get together and do this instead of being home with their families, they're out helping other kids in the community. I think that's great."

The Target store in Carlisle also donated gift packages to each of the children including hats and gloves to keep them warm through the winter season.