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CAT to eliminate the Carlisle Circulator bus route

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CARLISLE, CUMBERLAND COUNTY, Pa. -- People who catch the Circulator bus to get around Carlisle, soon will have to find a ride elsewhere.

Capital Area Transit agreed in 2014 to manage and operate the service for various Cumberland County partners, but ridership only peaked in 2015.

There were hardly any people waiting to take the bus at the Circulator bus stop in the middle of Carlisle at Courthouse Square on Thursday.

Without many passengers to pick up, CAT's Circulator is about to go out of service on Friday, April 28, 2017.

Capital Area Transit is about to put the brakes on its Carlisle Circulator bus.

Bus rider Mary Sampson said "I just like it to keep running, you know. I mean it's going to be odd when we're not seeing the CAT Bus."

Capital Area Transit general manager Bill Jones said "we've adapted the service numerous times, due to try to meet public expectations and public input, unfortunately we've never established the market share that we needed to continue."

When the Circulator bus hit the streets of Carlisle three years ago, it was created to take everyone from college students to senior citizens, from point A to point B, in and around the borough.

"We even reached out to the different employers, the warehouses, trying to include them in the process, but unfortunately the ridership never materialized," Jones said.

FOX 43 News followed a bus for about an hour, as it rolled past many stops, with practically no one waiting to get on or off.

"Three-and-a-half passengers an hour is inadequate, to maintain, thats not what you want to spend your money on," Jones said.

Motorist Paul Snyder said "people are more independent I think than you realize, they find ways to get around through friends, or still maybe even drive themselves."

While it may be easy to find a seat on the bus, it may be difficult to find another way to get around for the people who rely on the Circulator service.

"For some of the low income, for people on medical assistance or senior citizens there will the shared ride service that rabbit transit operates," Jones said.

"It's going to be hard, you know," Sampson said.

Capital Area Transit's Board of Directors will hold a meeting to discuss the bus route on March 30th, in Carlisle. The exact details are to be announced.

Meanwhile, CAT continues its Dauphin County service to Carlisle and the warehouses on Allen Road.