DA: No charges to be filed in June 2016 officer-involved shooting in York City

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James Armentrout, Jr.

YORK, Pa –The York County District Attorney’s office announced Wednesday that it will not be filing charges against two officers who shot and injured 44-year-old James M. Armentrout Jr. in York City in June 2016.

District Attorney Tom Kearney found York City Police Officer Paul Thorne was in clear threat of imminent danger by Armentrout when Officer Thorne and York City Police Officer Sean Haggarty shot him on June 18, 2016.

According to a news release, the prosecutor’s office conducted an extensive investigation into the incident.

The incident unfolded in the parking lot of 3rd Base Food and Beer located at 512 N. George Street in York City as police were attempting to take Armentrout into custody on an outstanding warrant. As Armentrout went to leave the parking lot, some officers on foot and others in police cruisers moved to block his exit.

As officers closed in—Armentrout intentionally drove towards officers who were on foot and placed them in fear of serious bodily injury or death.

As all this was unfolding, there were numerous patrons in the parking lot, both on foot and in vehicles.

Officer Haggarty told investigators he yelled for Armentrout to stop, but he kept driving through the parking lot and was headed toward Officer Thorne.  Officer Haggarty said he believed that Armentrout would run down Officer Thorne when he fired two rounds into the driver’s door of Armentrout’s vehicle.  Officer Haggarty fired again at Armentrout’s vehicle as he continued driving, fearing for the safety of the general public.

Officer Thorne fired three rounds, two of which entered the driver’s side of the vehicle, after seeing Armentrout’s vehicle was coming toward him.

Armentrout escaped and led officers on a brief chase. He turned up later at Hanover Hospital seeking treatment for a gunshot wound to his lower right leg.

Kearney, in his statement, said Officer Haggarty’s perception at the time he fired the second set of shots was not malicious, nor did it meet the standard of reckless conduct.

Therefore, no criminal charges are being pursued.