Search continues for 8-year-old boy swept away in Susquehanna River in Perry County

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DUNCANNON, PERRY COUNTY, Pa. -- Day two of the search for a missing 8-year old boy who was swept away in the Susquehanna River in part of Perry County finished for some around 2 p.m. Saturday afternoon.

The search concluded in Duncannon after dozens of volunteers searched the waters, known to be swift, and deeper than usual for this time of year.

More than 80 people, including police and fire crews, swept parts of the river in Perry County and the land nearby hoping to find the boy.

"It's sad to hear. I hate hearing that. This river always has some scary things happen," said Wanda Wilt. She learned to swim in the Susquehanna River years ago.

Police say the boy went missing Friday, swept away into the river from a creek in Watts Township in Perry County where he was playing with his ten-year-old brother.

As of now, we don't know if the boy was wearing a life-vest, if the children were being watched, or if anyone else was nearby when it happened.

"It's one of those if you're not an experienced swimmer or a swimmer at all, that current will definitely take you down the river," said Kurtis Timmer, Assistant Chief of South Central Pennsylvania Search and Rescue.

Day two consisted of fire crews and river rescue boats searching the water, concluding at the Duncannon Lion's Club Campground. We caught the South Central Pennsylvania Search and Rescue still looking for the boy, hours after the official call off. Part of their duty, using equipment to prod the hidden parts of the river.

"Somewhere between 8-12 feet out from the shore, where the boats can't come in, and they probe the short line and some of the areas, the small caves if you will, under-washes - they check that and make sure he's not there," said Timmer.

For one former firefighter, wearing a life-vest is the most important thing if you're around water, a message echoed by River Rescue.

"You had asked a question whether or not I as a parent and or firefighter would ever allow my children to play along a river like that, and the answer is an emphatic 'no' unless they had PFD (personal flotation device) and there was adult supervision," said Tim Martin. He says he conducted river rescues as a firefighter.

"Definitely anytime if you're in or around any type of water such as the river, definitely have flotation devices on even if you're in a boat," warned Timmer.

Day 3 of the search will continue tomorrow at 8:30 a.m. along the Susquehanna. PA State Police say this is still a rescue effort, and not a recovery operation at this time.